Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How to add adsense ad inside your blogger beta post?

Do you see adsense under my each posts?

How one can do that?

There is a detailed explanation in this blog. I just want to add few more things here.

Why one should add adsense code inside the posts?

By including the code inside the post, one can get more relevant ads per post. I mean, you can get advertisements of what you are talking in that post.

Is this the only advantage?

Can we get more clicks by having advertisements inside my post?

Well, I can answer these questions only after trying it out for at least few days.

Now how to add the adsense code inside your post?

1. Open your "Edit html" page

2. Now choose the Expand Widget Templates box.

3. Copy the entire code and paste it in word and save it as template-original

4. Now paste the same code in a new file and do the following things (this is in case you do something wrong in the code, you can retrieve the original code from the saved template-original file).

5. Find the line "div class='post-header-line-1"

6. Paste your adsense code after this line.

7. Now this is very important one. Do you see red colored line,arrow in the above figure? Remove them in your adsense code.

8. Now save your template.

After that you are done with that.

The following figure clearly shows what kind of adsense ads one can have per page. So choose your ads wisely and place them in correct positions.

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