Sunday, December 26, 2010

mstsc /console

In addition to the various desktop and laptop computers in my household, I also manage a couple servers, one of which runs Windows Small Business Server 2003, which is located in my garage. Typically I connect to it using Remote Desktop Connection using the /console switch so that I can manage it as if I was at the console.

For the past week or two (maybe longer, I’m not sure) I’ve been frustrated that when I try to connect to the console from my Windows Vista desktop I get a new Terminal Services session rather than connecting to the console. Today I finally decided to figure this out.

It turns out that, due to some changes in Windows Server 2008 and to some ambiguity in the /console switch, Microsoft has made some changes to the mstsc command. The change that relates to my problem is that they’ve renamed the /console switch to /admin.

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